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e.s.c. wrote:

anyone else still having issues creating new projects on the psp build? doesn't seem to be working on the psp go i just bought

Yes - I can't create new projects and I can't import samples from the library on PSP2001 or PSP1001. It's like the pig forgot how to work with the filesystem? Glad to hear I'm not the only one at least. smile

Sorry for necrobump but did this ever get fixed?
I wanna get back into Piggy, got like a 2012 build on my PSP phat and that bassy filter is enticing me to upgrade but I wanna make sure I'm actually able to create new projects on the newest ghetto.
By the way, what is the newest ghetto? 1.3l_50? Kind of hard to figure out what's what being out of the Piggy loop for a while.

I'm using the latest ghetto on my PSP-2000 without any issues.

Actually yeah, just tested it, seems to work great!

That is if by latest ghetto you mean 1.3m_something. I can't even remember where I downloaded it from now.

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I don't know. Whatever's on the website. wink