Has anyone seen/used this to any extent? Tried searching for it here and didn't see any mention of it. Just learning to use MML, which I've been putting off. Thought it's a great way to learn for MML beginners!

Using a Mac and have hard times finding mml trackers/too lazy to fiddle with compilers from the get-go.

Dallas, Texas

Interesting concept. The NES sound module seems weird to me though. There are 7 values for duty cycle.

If you're on mac take a gander at the MML bundle for TextMate. You can just click the compile button or even the run command to instantly compile and open up your tune in your favorite NSF player. Keyboard shortcuts are also assigned to these.

It can also do multi NSFs with the 'build all' command. … r_textmate

I use it quite a lot for writing and draft work.. but my final compiling and main stuff is done with virtual windows machine and a true compiler folder for MML.

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