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Hello everyone, thank you for taking your time.

I'm looking for some advice regarding my latest song "adapt" you can listen to on my website.

TLDR; listen here:

But before listening, here are my questions:

1) intro
The first 23 seconds of the song are a slow and kinda dull build-up that leads to a kind-of drop at 0:24.
I couldn't find a faster and smooth way that leads into the big mainpart. I kept it basic and simple on purpose to set the contrast to the mainpart, but I'm not sure if this is the right way to approach it.

2) mastering
I've listened to this track on various equipment and still can't decide if the low end is punchy enough.
Main problem (I guess) is that the kick is actually higher than the bassline. The uploaded version is pretty flat, besides a small up-dent around 50Hz.
I wonder if it would be too shallow on a big stage setup or if the bass gets too muddy. Any ideas how to check that without using a big stage setup and trying it out?

Thank you again for your time, here's the song:


Boosting 50 hz seems like the wrong way to go if you're looking for punchiness. I would try gentle high pass starting at 40 hz and a shallow cut at 200-250 hz, then see if you like the sound better

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Austria, Europe

Thank you for your reply!
Just to make it clear, that small 50Hz boost wasn't related to the punchiness but is used to balance the bassline.

I tried out the highpass and a subtile cut at ~225Hz and it really helped alot, imo smile

however, the main questions still remain.