Hi everybody, sorry for my poor english and maybe for making a stupid question here, it's my first topic and i'm a completely noob n_nU
recently I was hired in a job and finally I can save some money (hurraaay) to learning and start some projects with hardware. One of these projects is customize a DMG gameboy, i have an JBC iron solder of 11W, does this kind of solder works fine with Gameboy DMG boards and tiny cables?

That seems quite small to me, but I suppose with a bit of patience that the solder would melt. You may have trouble making the ground pours molten though.

When I was modding the boys, I used a 40W iron. Now I have a variable temp. iron which I can't ever see replacing.

thank you so much, here in Spain people talks a lot of the JBC solders (is a spanish brand) and the 11w is used by newbies cause of they won't burn anything... that's my fear, burn something hehehe, so... i'll take your advice, but dont have in mind buy something beyond 30w, maybe a 25-30w will be part of my team soon.

Thanks! smile