Hello world !

I'm musician and french 3D animator.
I usually play Jazz, but today I would like to release a storytelling Chiptune album.
Lokae, the journey will be the title of the release (cannot exclude any changements... You know... Titles...)
Some of the tracks would be 100% chip sounds used, others would use others instruments. Some will contain keyboards choruses. Some won't.

I'm very new into Chiptune, then I try to find the right sounds, the right predilection gears. I am still on tests state but all the compositions are already written on paper. They just need to find their way on the sound-design itselfs.
That's why I'm returning towards you, Chiptune mentors, to have some criticism. Some ideas to improve my skills. Suggestions, any.

I let you three songs from the album I already made. Feel free to listen to it, and to give me honnest feedbacks.

Moonflakes : (this is an example of track containing Keyboard chorus, and some add. pads)

Frozen Lake :

Overworld :

Dreaming scapes. Glitchy scapes. Hazy scapes. Adventurous scapes. Fighting scapes. I would try to offer a song to all of these wonderful -clich├ęs- we could find playing a game. That's my point.

I am working with Famitracker for every chip sounds.
And I work with Ableton for mixing, additional keyboards etc...

By the way, thank you very much for taking time to listen to my project.
I hope you will enjoy it.

And I hope to hear from you, musicians.

Take care,

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I think these are uniformly great. Frozen lake is my favorite. You are able to be very expressive, especially with the rhythm section. It really feels like a drummer and bass player playing on these tracks and that is a wonderful accomplishment. I do feel, however, that the keyboards in the first track detract from that expressiveness, which is the most special thing about your music. This is coming from someone who uses lots of mixed media. When you hear the chip by it's self it feels like one competent, confident piece. The keyboard feels like an after thought and since the tone is so different and it's so prominent in the mix it just feels like it's covering up what is actually special here: detail, thoughtful time changes, expressiveness with an inherently less expressive medium.

NC in the US of America

All I can say is that I really like this a lot. Don't really have any CC to give, hehe.


Thank you both for your messages and critics !

What you wrote Ecce homo about the Keyboard chorus took a lot of sense !
It is very useful, so, I just think about to let ring one or two full chip cycles, before to begin the chorus, so that we could hear the drum/bass arrangement !

Thank you very much for your feedbacks !