You can now add a topic as a favorite, at the top of any topic, next to subscribe.

Favorite will sorted to top and highlighted to each forum, as well, all of your favorites are viewable in your profile.

I love this topic

And if it looks goofy or dont see the button, hit refresh, CSS needs a update wink

Yeah it does look goofy... That's it... Hitting unfavorite

Having it go up all the way while I browse forums might be weird.
THEN AGAIN, I never browse forums smile

Cool feature, bro

Yes, cool feature indeed brother. smile

Could buttons for browsing ones own threads, favs, subscriptions and so on be placed above or below the online list? That way I can avoid making the leap over my profile page smile
Maybe place the Recent Posts button there as well, so we have the thread tools in one place

Yeah, I'm lazy

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Not a bad suggestion. The layout of the "Tabs" and such will have to be redone anyways as new features are added.
But until then I think things will stay the way they are unless there is a uproar about it- Due to not enough time in a given day. smile

Sure, take it easy. Rome wasn't built in a day. heart