got a sweet deal on a DMG on ebay put a new screen cover on and a HHL v2.0 backlight in it, looks super sick

next day i drop it from waist height and now when i power it on the screen starts and full contrast and then fades to blank

i can see the nintendo logo coming down and all the pixels are fine but it fades to to blank before it gets all the way down

i have to wait a second after turning it off before i turn in on again or it will stay blank on power up

my guess is a bad capacitor somewhere?

any help would be nice



disconnected backlight and now the screen will randomly work 50% of the time then i can connect the backlight but it still has the problem if i leave the backlight connected, it does have the resistor installed


Messed with it more last night tried replacing the capacitor that the backlight ties to and tried upping the resistor to 200 ohms

Still starts only when backlight is disconnected and then I can connect the backlight, however if I connect the backlight with no resistor it causes the contrast to fade out too

If I leave it on with the backlight connected from the start the backlight will quickly get dim to almost off

Brussels, Belgium

I don't know if it's the same problem but i had some screen problem when i setup my backlight on an older Gameboy.

See video there:

Taichung, Taiwan

sweet deal!


Thanks for the help, however it's never blurry like that. It's either working fine or it fades on boot (found out I can trigger the fade when its working by connecting the backlight with no resistor