Utrecht, The Netherlands

Posting this to late to attend (it's sold out) but early enough for you to tune in on our livestream! Starting on Friday September 18 at 11PM (Dutch time, UTC+2) we will livestream the EINDBAAS Reboot edition with performances by: IAYD, cTrix, Danimal Cannon, Kenobit, DJ's Oliotronix and EINDBAAS and visuals by Raquel Meyers and Peter Dijkstra.

Be sure to follow us on Twitch so you'll be notified when the stream starts: or keep refreshing Hope to see you on the stream and chat!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is there: EINDBAAS IS BACK this summer! We’re rebooting the only chiptune party in The Netherlands after a year of hiatus to bring you the biggest edition yet! We’ll be back in the venue we’ve loved the most in the past 6 years: Poppodium EKKO Utrecht on Friday September 18 and it's sold out (again)

This Austin-based electronic musician and producer specialises in handheld bass music and lo-fi bangers. The acronym stands for “I Am Your Destruction” which couldn’t be a better description of his live sets: he will quite literally destroy you, we can promise you that.

cTrix (AU)
cTrix will return at EINDBAAS 19 Reboot! Hailing from Australia, this guy is basically the boss of every console out there. Whether it’s an Atari, Nintendo or Sega, he makes funky fresh chiptunes on it. Those who were at the epic EINDBAAS X three years ago and remember his gAtari, know his return to EINDBAAS is not to be missed!

Danimal Cannon (USA)
Dan Behrens is a professional producer with a love for writing rock & heavy metal tracks using the Nintendo Gameboy, while shredding his guitar. We’re proud to say that his unique performance finally find his way to EINDBAAS!

Kenobit (IT)
Kenobit likes fast kickdrums, flashing lights and evil riffs. After a previous life as a punk drummer, he reincarnated in a chiptune evangelist, playing around the world with a Game Boy and a headbanging attitude. Hailing from Milano, Italy, his style is influenced by classic VGM, metal, seizure warnings and hoppy beers. Under 180 BPM it’s not true love.

Visuals by Raquel Meyers (ES) & Peter Dijkstra (NL)
Raquel Meyers makes visuals by typing and drawing using her Commodore 64. She is the talent behind this edition’s artwork and will impress you even more with her moving visuals. Peter Dijkstra is an upcoming VJ and indie-game talent from Utrecht.

Furthermore we have DJ sets by Oliotronix (UK) and EINDBAAS. And as always, we have an open-stage pre-party upfront, starting at 21:00. This time at Eetcafé Stathe, Utrecht. See

Friday September 18, 2015
23:00 - 04:30
Poppodium EKKO, Utrecht
12 euro // 16+

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This is a great idea, and I'm liking that lineup.

You guys are six hours ahead of me, though. I'll still be at work. :-/

Utrecht, The Netherlands

We will probably let the stream stay in the Twitch archives for a few hours/days smile


Even better! Thanks. tongue


I wish I could have come to this sad Superbyte was so good and this is an incredible follow up event! I'll definitely catch the twitch vod tomorrow! heart heart


See you on Twitch!


I'm so pumped!!!  :-D


Audio on the stream is muted!

#copyrekt sad


Some crazy performers right there!

Utrecht, The Netherlands

Audio is muted because we played a few tracks that has copyright. Sorry about this sad