I'm looking for someone who can create vector art (in Adobe Illustrator or something similar, the format doesn't matter as long as it is scalable) for my future album artwork. I would love to work with someone who is in touch with and a fan of the chiptune community but you can recommend an artist who can draw with vector graphics as well if you know one. I just want to find someone decent to collaborate with.

The first concept for an album artwork that I have in mind is something like this:
The color scheme and general design are really cool and the kind of thing I'm looking for and of course this needs to be drawn in a vector format because I want to be able to scale the image to any size I want. I'll discuss more details if you are interested. It shouldn't be hard to make something like this if you are talented enough.

The other thing that I will request in the future (in a few years time) is a photo to vector graphics conversion. I also want someone who can convert a photo of a real person (a "model" I will hire) into a vector portrait\image (something like this: ). If any of you can do that then I am going to collaborate with you exclusively on all of my future album art.

Of course, the main request is the first one I mentioned. It is for an album that is due to be released next year. If you can make photo to vector conversions (which have to be as detailed and as close to the real photo as possible) then that's a plus and a guarantee that I will be willing to collaborate with you on all of my future albums.

So yeah. Let me know if any one of you is good with vector graphics or if you know someone that is. I am looking forward to collaborating with a talented artist and I will pay accordingly.

The first one looks like Windows default wallpaper.

But I like the idea of a vector graphics cover. Unfortunately I lack the necessary skills to draw one for you. tongue

Well, I found someone who can make the vector portrait for me. It's this guy: http://vitali-iakovlev.deviantart.com/

He seems really talented and his pricing is fair as fair as I can tell. If anyone is interested, hit him up. There aren't that many vector artists that do freelance work.

of course it would be deviant art lol

His work is looking cool! I will keep him in my mind!