Hello there is new Philips SAA1099 6 channel (3x stereo) online tracker for:
- PMD 85 + MIF85 soundcard
- SAM Coupe
- ZX Spectrum + SAA soundcard


Looks good, thanks!

it sounds great, and it's open-source... well done and thank you!

OH WOW, this is super!

Its not coded by me. Martin Borik is author.

GITHUB https://github.com/mborik/SAA1099Tracker

Here is His homepage with music.



He is developing mainly for PMD85. But also owns another platforms...

PMD85 - RMTeam page

And what is that PMD85? PMD85 was Czechoslovak school computer like Apple2 was in US!!! For learning kids how to code in Basic and Pascal!

@DELEK-Now you must add SAA1099 to DefleMask too tongue.

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i dont know Martin Borik, but i also started in 1987 on PMD85 and later on ZX Spectrum 128k+ on AY Chip, so i am pretty familiar with these machines, but of course C64 and Amiga was another level for me smile

Génialissime !