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So recently I bought an amstrad cpc for making AY tunes and I've been happily messing with VortexTracker and doing a few tracks on it. But the bad thing about Vortex is that I can only work on my tracks at home.

That's why I started to look up alternative ways to make ay songs and I found out a promising one but now I'm a little bit blocked. What I've been trying is to use a speccy emulator (Unreal Speccy for Android) and run Golden Disk's ProTracker, which is very similar to Vortex.

The thing is that I can't find any user manual or tutorial, and I only figured out a few controls, for example: I got how to move the cursor in the grid, mouse, delete, put notes and values on the grid, edit 'samples' BUT once I click Play I don't know how to pause the whole thing.

Does anybody know if there's an user manual? Otherwise I would like to know how to stop/play the song/pattern and a few block functions like copy&pasta.

Thanks ^w^!

The Rubber Man

Hi dude.

Although I prefer the SoundTracker 1.1 myself (chiptune music from it sounds like this: … -adventure )

but indeed the ProTracker 3.x is probably the most popular soft for music-making on Spectrum. Also, the Vortex has been based on this ZX Protracker's version.

The problem is, it is a Russian program. So most of the manuals are in Russian language (like this or this ).
There is something in English somehow but I doubt it would be useful -

The only thing I wrote some time ago, was a manual/instruction for ZX81 SoundTracker - … tion-ayym/
The prog has been based on ZX Spectrum's SoundTracker, so it's rather similar.

Also, seems like You can find below instructions of SoundTracker for ZX Spectrum (written by Gasman). … F08all.PDF … F09all.PDF … F10all.PDF
(in 3 parts).

Also I will ask on WOS forum about it. We will see.

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Sevilla, Spain

Thanks dude, like you said I chose ProTracker because Vortex is based on it. As you said, the user manual is not very useful, even if I use a translator.

The only que question I have now if there's a way to convert a song made in sound tracker to a pt3, I guess that Vortex maybe can do the job.

The Rubber Man

Yes, exactly.
When somebody needs me to make a PT3, I just use the SoundTracker and then convert the file with the Vortex - into PT3. smile
Well, the way is "a little bit" longer wink but that's the general idea.

PS: I wrote a question on WOS … hp?t=48079 but they answered nothing at all. Of course.

Sevilla, Spain

Yes, exactly.
When somebody needs me to make a PT3, I just use the SoundTracker and then convert the file with the Vortex - into PT3. smile
Well, the way is "a little bit" longer wink but that's the general idea.

PS: I wrote a question on WOS … hp?t=48079 but they answered nothing at all. Of course.

Nice, then I'll use SoundTracker instead. It looks like I'll have more sources of knowledge.

Thanks for all Yerzm!


not really a solution to your question but that screenshot seems like an old version, I think 3.72 is the last

protracker versions

and this page has a good downloable database of speccy programs and btw a prety cute screenshots to look at

The Rubber Man

Hmmm. This is an interesting finding indeed.

Meanwhile Alone Coder was so kind to make a translation of ProTracker instruction (yay!)


√ Tempo: 1-63
√ Positions: 256
√ Patterns: 48
√ Pattern length: 1-64
√ Ornaments: 15
√ Samples: 31
√ Player size: #c00 (PT Util: #900, sources: from #632)
√ Sample length: 64
√ Ornament length: 64
√ TurboSound (2AY) mode (7MHz CPU or Pentagon w/o indicators)

New options above v2.x:

√ Volume (global gain)
√ Write data (auto-fill input note parameters with former)
√ Scroll step (scroll down after inputting note)
√ Edit melody (roll between patterns by positions order)
√ Set up (set colors, sound etc.)
√ Positions list (order of patterns playing)
√ Pattern length (set specified pattern length for all patterns
by one click)
√ Clear sample, ornament
√ Copy sample, ornament
√ Volume transposition
√ Copy 3 channels at once (click "Channel")

PT3.x can load Pro Tracker 2.x, Sound Tracker, Sound Tracker Pro

Frequences cumulation, volume increase/decrease, envelope mask
are in Edit smp.

Use -96 displacement in ornament for fix every note to C-1.
You haven't to set F before ornament #.

ssQ/ssW - line delete/insert commands (available anywhere).

Arrow control: Q,CS,O,P,Space (or Kempston Mouse)

Disk/compilation errors are shown on border.
Since v3.697 memory isn't being cleared before loading module.


Setups are in basic block:
5d3b, 5d3c = colours;
5d3d: bit0-2 = border;
       bit4 = "play on";
       bit5 = "sound";
       bit6 = "print points";
       bit7 = "kempston joystick";
5e16: frequency table.
Press CS to disable indicators if your computer is slow.

Hot keys:

W - Edit melody
Ext - Edit pattern
Enter - Play

In pattern window:

0-9 (in note field are octaves)
А-V (input O,P with Symbol Shift; input Q with Caps Shift)
cs9 - begin/*centre of pattern
*ss9 - end of pattern
L - clear note
*ssL - clear note with parameters
*K - clear command field for current note
Enter - play while hold
ssE - memorize channel into buffer
ssR - recall channel from buffer
*CS(SS)+note - note with octave above(below)
*SS+digit - set Autoscroll
*cs1,cs2 - go to previous,next channel
*True/Inv - go between patterns
*ssY - switch flat/sharp for current note
*csU - set block begin to cursor (including pattern number &
*csI - set block end to cursor
*csY - copy selected block to cursor
*csT - transpose selected block
*F - empty note (autodata+autoenv+scroll)
*W - on/off Edit melody
*Ext - exit to "Hot keys"
*ssI - Edit smp
*ssU - Edit orn
*csL - edit positions order
*ssA - insert current note parameters into AutoData former
*csA - on/off AutoData
*csE - on/off AutoEnv
*E - on/off transparent envelope entering mode. Note ISN'T being
changed in this mode. Transparent mode is stable if AutoEnv=ON,
in other case it switches itself off after inputting one note
*csW - on/off TurboSound mode
*cs0 - switch between 2 AY chips in TurboSound mode (2nd chip is
in patterns 47..24, these patterns must be in positions list)

2-nd column in pattern - noise shift for all channels.

Special commands (right column in every channel):

Record format: 1234
1 - command type
2 - Delay in commands 1,2,3,9,А
3,4 - depends of command

Command type:
0 - no command
1 - Slide down, fields 3,4 - step. Tone shift if delay=0.
2 - Slide up, fields 3,4 - step. Tone shift if delay=0.
3 - Tone Portamento, fields 3,4 - step, target note is in note
Sample & Ornament will be initialized!
I don't recommend 3xxx from note to SAME note. Have pity to
4 - Sample will play from line # specified in 3,4
5 - same, but for Ornament
6 - Vibrato, in 3 - sound on duration, in 4 - sound off duration
9 - Envelope slide up, fields 3,4 - step
А - Envelope slide down
B - Tempo (3,4)

In positions list (order):

digits - change pattern #
*K - Set loop start
*L - Set loop end

In Edit smp (orn) menu:

*0-9 - octave
*True/Inv - switch between samples (ornaments)
ssU,ssI - switch between ornaments (samples)
W,E - +/-1
R,T - +/-32 (12)
*ss8,ss9 - regulate volume
0 - annul
ssK - change sign
*K - Set loop start (loop is magenta stripe over line numbers -
you can re-set it by mouse)
*L - Set loop end
*A - regulate volume cumulation
*9 - on/off tone frequency cumulation
*F - on/off noise/envelope frequency cumulation
*Y,U,I - on/off T-N-E masks
note keys for hear current sample with current ornament

How to convert track (music channel) from Tempo=6 to Tempo=3:
ss2, Graph, Down, ssW (hold until receiving result)

How to convert track from Tempo=3 to Tempo=6:
ss1, Graph, Down, ssQ (hold until result)

How to clear track quickly:
a) if cursor is in last pattern: Inv,ssE,True,ssR
б) ss1, ssL (hold until result)

Main code: Nick/GDC
Ideas, code, fix, design: Mm<M/Sa9e
Decompile, code, large fix: Alone Coder/i8

(4732) 522-449 Вадим (JV Gfx of GDC)
(4732) 141-962 Николай (Nick of GDC)
(8462) 94-15-95 Сергей (Mm<M) mmcm^
(4912) 75-13-90 Дима (Alone Coder) 2:5029/77.48 Dima Bystrov
390026 Рязань,ул.Высоковольтная д.37 к.1,кв.12 Быстрову Дмитрию

GDC Voronezh, 1997 - Sa9e Samara, 2000 - Invaders Ryazan, 2006

P.S. Save is in disk menu. Don't forget to click SAVE smile
Enter key only closes window!

Sevilla, Spain


Please, somebody tell this guy that I love that!

The Rubber Man

Done. wink



alone coder heart heart heart



I asked about ProTracker 3 on WoS ( … edirect/p1) and since I didn't receive answer, I copy my question here as well:

how to transfer the data to my PC?

I can save a tune into the original PT372.SCL floppy, then I used sn113 (dos tool to get data from spectrum disk) to extract the saved file to my PC. It works, I got a file.$M with data in it. But if I try to open it in vortex tracker (as pt3, I renamed the file), it's not usable. Some notes are recognised, but not everything, and therefore it's not correct.

There is a save, compile, decompile option in protracker. What are the differences? It seems save and compile are giving the same binaries in the end.

The Rubber Man

Maybe write me this question to my e'mail address.
I will forward it to Alone Coder, surely he could help.