Melbourne, Australia

So, after recently acquiring an Amiga 500 I've been super excited to get it running, and after suitable adapters have finally arrived I went to try and get it working today. I'm using a USB to Serial adapter which is then running into the Amiga, and I'm trying to use Amiga Explorer. Every time I try to run the Amiga Explorer setup to put the Amiga side in the Amiga RAM, it fails to connect to the Amiga and suggest upping the buffer size on the Amiga. After trying as suggested the same error still occurs every time. I've tried multiple drivers for the USB to Serial Adapter, and I've also followed all the on-screen instructions and tutorials... hmm So, uh... Any ideas? Any other ways to transfer files? Anything...?

EDIT: I'm using windows 10 if that makes a difference...

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