Hi this is a pretty simple question/request i guess you could say.

I made myself a new keyboard mod for my DMG after years of not using my old one and abandoning it, figured now hat i want to play the gameboy more as a piece in a more elaborate live setup, running it with the keyboard mod will help me play the gameboy live AND i'll still be able to use cool LSDJ instrument patches and tables.

I remember last time i had one the software was a bit buggy so it seems probably why i ditched it, now seems a lot more stable.

I noticed that the directional buttons in the num pad switches between the LSDJ pages (like select + direction)
Which is something not documented in the manual. so i was curious about what else is missing from the manual?

I'd love for the keyboard to have the A and B button functionality so i can edit on the keyboard my patches instead of going to the gameboy... don't know if it's already built in or not.

Also i seem to have a problem with the space bar... i can't seem to turn on/off the table functionality. even after selecting which table to asign the space bar, maybe im missing a step?

thanks for reading.