Hi all,
         I had posted over in the Atari forum about MIDI sequencing on an ST but I am now also interested in the Amiga.

What is the Amiga like for MIDI out timing and jitter. This has been my main problem when sequencing my hardware from a PC. What packages are available that support external midi sequencing and are they any good? My program of choice is Renoise so anything similar would be ideal.

I post here as I am currently working deep sea and unable to do much research on the internet as my connection is VERY VERY limited.

Any help would be much appreciated.


i havent actually used it or owned an amiga for ages but OctaMED SoundStudio is really popular and it is a tracker so should be fairly like renoise

and according to wikipedia it was used to produce "super sharp shooter" by dj zinc and "renegade snares" by omni trio which are both like All Time Classic Bangers

i think you would need one of the more advanced amigas to run it though (4000? 1200? idk) and i don't believe any of the amigas have midi built in so you would need to find a midi interface

take that with a pinch of salt as as i say i havent used it

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Like any old oldschool proper serial MIDI interface setup (you Do need to buy an external adapter, it doesn't come built in), the Amiga has not much in the way of problems with jitter and timing. It's solid as fuck.
There's many programs supporting it, from the tracker interface of OctaMED to Music-X to the super complex and still unrivaled in options Bars & Pipes Professional.
OctaMED will not need an advanced Amiga for MIDI. You only need a faster Amiga if you want to use more of the internal sample channels. For MIDI you should be pretty safe. I would only recommend Bars & Pipes if you want to go absolutely batshit crazy with MIDI. Lerning curve is steep. Program is a bitch to get running. I tried once and was traumatized, never again tried to work with it.

Depending on your location, MIDI interfaces could go from "easy to find and affordable" to "oh my fuck why do I want to buy this?"

Whether you choose an Amiga or Atari ST or even a PC with a serial MIDI interface, you should have no problems. I would also really consider using an old DOS PC running Fast Tracker or something like that as it owuld probably be easier to source and work out than an Amiga or Atari ST.


You could also buy a MiST
There is a version with builtin MIDI, and it's working with ST and Amiga cores

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I used A1200 with Blizzard 1230/50 (including 4 MB Fast RAM) back in 90s and friend of mine Tronik was building his own Ramikola samplers (up to 50 kHz mono sampling in AudioMasterIV) and also MIDI interfaces (connector to serial port) and at very early version of game Napalm (previously named as Diversia) i was composing my first MIDI pieces in OctaMED Soundstudio, but it was very time-consuming for me to manage all tracks in tracker system, so i tried another modern sequencer Camouflage (was able to manage i think 4 midi ports) and also older Music-X/Bars & Pipes, but it were very slow even on my machine, so i switched to Cakewalk/SoundForge/PC. And i dont want to go back again, Amiga times was cool times, but time is gone smile

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