Industrial 1 … dustrial+1

Industrial 2 … dustrial+2

Desert Blue … esert+Blue

Terminal 2 … Terminal+2

Classic Renoise theme:

<BACKGROUND value="545354"/> <!-- BACKGROUND-->
<FOREGROUND value="CFA219"/> <!-- song name -->
<HICOLOR1   value="E37336"/> <!-- row count in song screen -->
<HICOLOR2   value="48B0C2"/> <!-- cursor-->

Link: … ic+Renoise

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The website doesnt work anymore... sad

XyNo wrote:

The website doesnt work anymore... sad

It's back! … Die+Piggin

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My new sneakers: … e=HEXALITE

Here's one: … ;cs=00118F

EDIT: How do you apply these lol

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Is this thingy down for everyone, or is it just me (being in Korea)? I haven't been able to access the site in quite a while, and I really miss creating new colour schemes for my pig ;(

Alternatively, if someone can, perhaps, dropbox an offline version of this tool, it would be REALLY appreciated.

If anyone has a dump I could look into hosting

RainingPurp … ainingPurp

YESSSSS!!! Thank you cm.o guardian angels smile

Sometimes I forget to pay for my server .. Sorry guys! I'll get it up on github soon.