Bonn, Germany

It's just a demo, nothing special or good but i will finish it soon tongue

tell me what you think smile

New Zealand

Hey nice work smile You've got some cool grooves there!

To me, it feels like the pattern changes and evolves pretty quickly.
This obviously comes down to personal taste but I personally like nanoloop music that really takes the time to dwell in one particular groove for a while before subtly and slowly exploring minor variations, building up a little at a time towards a climax.

So I think that, if you wanted to, you could easily draw this song out to be much longer. Up to you though tongue

It's sounding good so keep it up!

Bonn, Germany

Thanks for the feedback, been working on this today on my way to university and it sounds way more structured now smile

but its still not building up to a climax, rather repetitive crunchy lo-fi loops tongue

edit: here's the newer version (link is private)

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