Hi every one,

I am new to this forum and would like to introduce myself.
I Call myself Poke and are from Norway.

I am making fakebit(or wathever you would like to call it:-)
The Tools used to create my Music is mainly: renoise, a couple of "go to" vst`s (mainly Plouge`s chipsound and 3xosc when in fl) and samplse from my Commodores, oldschool Casios and more...

havent been making this kind of music in this way for long, so i would really be happy if you guys and galls could give me a feedback on the music i have deared to "publish" so far.

Here`s the link where it`s uploaded:!/Search/poke

The site is in Norwegian, but i guess the play symbol is quite universal:-)
The one i personally is most happy With is helikopternøkkel(helicopterkey:-), but again a feedback from you is much aprechiated.

Thank you in advance and looking forward to be part of this community.



Standard dance beat loop. Chords are basic Cmin Eflat B Cmin or something like it. Melodies are a bit uninspired. Bass beat is just up and down eighths in octaves. Songs fade out at the end. Takk ras is definitely the best of them.

I'm not sure what advice to give. Just try to branch out more with your melodies/chord structures more, and try to avoid looping when you can. Just try 4-6 bars in one beat, switch to something different, and switch back. Insert elements/hooks/harmonies that only occur every other bar, or to accent the melody. Look into the blues scale and more complex chords. Try doing drops and periods with less instrumentation.

As far as the sounds go, I think the ones you've chosen are okay, but they could be balanced and composed better. For one, they shouldn't be all legato, try inserting some little breaks between your notes, or have some instruments with a quick percussive decay. For the drums, add a few fills and transitions here and there instead of the same beat again and again.