I've been mucking around with piggy tracker a lot these days. One thing which really bothers me, is with lower-tuned samples, when using the volume command there's a noticeable distortion, or perhaps loss of resolution. I made a very simple test comparing piggy to a manually volume ramped (in ocenaudio) 808 kick.


This is on the OSX version.

Is interpolation on or off?

It is set to "linear"

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jytn2utz8nqx … nVsha?dl=1

Here's a test file. Interesting that setting the volume low eg. VOLM 0001 does not cause it..

Values over 0B00 aren't so noticeable - it's very short slides eg. 0100 to 0800 which seem to cause it.

Were there converted from a higher quality format? It sounds to me like aliasing noise, if i slap a filter cut on it I can minimize the sound. You can try processing the sample yourself for 44.1 with dithering and see if that helps:

http://www.darkroommastering.com/blog/d … -explained

PS the noise sounds amazing when you crush it further.

Samples processed outside of LGPT aren't a problem.. I can just put a vol ramp on the kick, but I'd like to be able to control it within the sequence. If it was something you could turn on or off.. that'd be cool.. but it's just an annoyance sad

Right, what Im saying is that it sounds like aliasing from a bad down convert from a higher sample rate to cd quality. If you did a brick wall filter above the highest part of the kick frequency it would go away.

The fact that the sound goes away using a filter cut implies its noise in the sample itself, not a bug in piggy (although pig could probably handle aliasing noise better)


If I have a pure generated sin wav at 44100 from the start, it shouldn't happen?

Hmm, still get the noise.

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5trj801kx3bw … ZiEBa?dl=1

How did you generate it?

Marc Resibois wrote:

Ramps generate by command are not processed at every sample because that would kill the cpu. So it's actually "staircases" rather than ramps. Low tuned samples like 808 kicks or low sine are indeed not liking this too much. They are always good detectors for half-assed interpolation


Its not a bug its a feature big_smile