The Rubber Man

Album: "aTTraction" by Yerzmyey.
Released in March 2016.
Chiptune/micromusic songs as well as MOD-like/digital and MIDI music from classic ATARI computers (Falcon 030, Atari TT, Atari ST/MIDI and Atari 600XL).

01. Yerzmyey - aTTraction (ATARI TT)
02. Yerzmyey - Globular Cluster (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
03. Yerzmyey - Amai (ATARI FALCON 030)
04. Yerzmyey - Time Machine II (ATARI TT)
05. Yerzmyey - Inside a game (ATARI FALCON 030)
06. Yerzmyey - uTTerly unseTTling transmiTTal (ATARI TT)
07. Yerzmyey - Purple Galaxy (ATARI FALCON 030)
08. Yerzmyey - Bizarre creature (ATARI 520ST and Roland MT32)
09. Yerzmyey & Tfardy - Brutal attack (ATARI FALCON 030)
10. Yerzmyey - The missing piece (ATARI 600XL) / Bonus Track
Total Time: 34:59 min.

The idea behind this album was to collect all my songs made with 32-bit ATARI computers: Falcon 030 and Atari TT. Finally I decided to add also two songs made with the 16-bit machine - Atari 520ST - but those have been made in MIDI technique, using also the classic module - Roland MT32.
All the songs have been recorded from real machines, the sound hasn't been changed.

As the bonus track I added a song created with 8-bit computer - Atari 600XL - with heavy postproduction setup: track-by-track recording / filters / phasers / choruses / flangers / delays / echoes / reverbs / equalizers / compressors / limiters.

Guitars on the 9th track "Brutal attack" by Tfardy.

ATARI soft&hard used:

Atari Falcon 030 (with 14Mb of RAM)
- Digital Home Studio

Atari TT (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Hex Tracker

Atari 520ST (with 4Mb of RAM)
- Cubase

Atari 600XL (with 256Kb or RAM)
- Chaos Music Composer
- NeoTracker.

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The cover-art has been made by Jokov.

(C) by Yerz, March 2016

Tokyo, Japan

Great release as always man! Thanks for sharing smile

Edmonton, Alberta

Awesome! I love your music, Yerzmyey. Looking forward to giving this a full listen today!

The Rubber Man

Many thx guys. smile


Listening to it now. Great stuff as always, Yerz smile

Victoria, Canada

Wow, thanks very much Yerzmyey. Nice cover art too. smile

Nomad's Land

Neat, a very solid release. Especially enjoyed the spacy bonus track wink

The Rubber Man

Thanks a lot. Atari needed more attention, heheh, so I decided to collect some stuff. wink
Wanted to add one more TT song - but the computer has died meanwhile. wink Ah well...