Hey guys, question. I presently run my RCA prosounded DMG to the UCA-222 usb sound interface to my computer to record. I was wondering if there is any such thing (a piece of hardware) as a passthru spectrum analyzer or display that would allow me to essentially plug my Gameboy's RCA lines into it to see some sort peek into my assorted levels then go from that device to the sound interface and record as normal.

I want to see something a tad more verbose than the gain level displayed in Audacity, and as stated I would love to have a piece of portable hardware as opposed to something on my computer screen. Does such a thing exist?

I should mention i'm wanting to be able to see assorted levels on the fly, i'm not talking about a waveform display. Thanks folks.

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You'll probably need to settle for a phone app. Hardware options are gonna run you 200-12000 bucks and some aren't even effective in real time.


why not use a plugin? it doesn't make a ton of sense to me to run something like this in series in your recording chain. will just be an extra bit of noise...

you could just run a second monitor on your computer and pull up any number of free spectrum plugins and you have effectively the same thing?

Bluecat has a pretty good free suite for this stuff

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I wish my computer were capable of two monitors, its a tad too old for that. I was shocked that it was able to run the insider preview of Windows 10.

Oh well, thank you guys.