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There never was a tracker for that THCM+Soundemon 4 channel sample + SID routine. You can make tracks for it but it means you have to do a bunch of separate shit then they joined it together.
(At some point I was going to make a track for them but I quit because I didn't have the patience).

As for SID Wizard, no, SFX means sound effects, not samples. It's for making music+sfx for games.
Also Serial is daisy-chainable and by making your own interface you can add a "serial through" to make it work with other things.

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fair enough, I will check out Sid Wizard, currently just using Mssiah. Can Sid Wizard use paddle or potentiometer controls to effect the sid in real time like mono synthesiser on Mssiah?


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talking about SidWizard in stereo, I wanted to know if it is possible to convert from midi to sidwizard, but for 6 voices. I've tried:

./SWMconvert music.mid music.sws but it doesnt' seem to work. Any hint? Maybe it's not possible after all...

I think the only way is to convert 3 of the midi tracks and then 3 others in a new sidwizard instance, and copy (by hand) from one to the other.