Glasgow, Scotland.

I take it this wasn't down to a DMCA takedown given that they said the following:

'“It’s not okay to post large amounts of untargeted, unwanted, or repetitive content to YouTube.”'

If it was, you could submit a counter notice.

So... can you not appeal the decision? Explain that it's an artistic expression, etc.

The people that work in the ToS teams make mistakes, and there is often an avenue of appeal available - so worth trying it out.

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Swansea, UK

@e.s.c. I am very rare and extra special. Your just jealous tongue

@arlen I'm nothing if not hypocritical. It's one of my best qualities. Alongside rareness and specialness. big_smile

@unexpectedbowtie There doesn't seem to be a way of contesting it, but I'm not that interested in doing so anyway. I've uploaded it to Tumblr, it can stay there for now. Thanks for the suggestion though!

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