Hello friends

I bought a new (used) PSP street* with a brand new sealed sony memory card. First everything seemed to be fine - but now the PSP doesn't read the memory card. "The memory stick cannot be read" is what it tells me. Formatting doesn't work. Extremely annoying ~

Have you had similar experiences? Know how to fix this?

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Chicago IL

you might have to replace the card reader. Try another memory stick first though.


What a hassle! I will try with a new memory card tomorrow -- hopefully there's no need to return the PSP.


Update: Bought a 1GB card - second hand. This one seems to work.

What have we learned:
1) It seems that San Disk memory sticks are better than Sony
2) Maybe don't get a psp street (?) - I've never had these problems with the 1000 or 2000.



i forgot that model even existed. from my experience, sony cards are just fine too, sounds like you just had bad luck and got a bad one. i've had 8 different memory sticks over the years (all sony) and none of them died on me... i did need to reformat them occasionally, but that's just a known psp issue

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Just have to chime in here and say that I have been rocking a PSP Street with one of these and 8gb + 16gb microSD cards, daily, for about 2 years now, and never had the tiniest problem. The PSP Street is cheap and kind of crappy, but the flat black looks SO NICE!