So I messed abit with a MidiBox Genesis project but life (and my poor C skills) got in the way and I lost momentum sad
  Well, a genius coder/synth builder I had discussed it with took up the challenge and, while still a WIP, has  fantastic streaming VGA player running. … ent=173409
His plans are for a synth with 4 FM/PSG boards and judging by his other projects it will be mind blowing

4/6/16 update with this project,
VGM player app released. Runs on min HW and streams files from SD card with support for up to 4 FM/PSG boards; can play a different VGM on each FM/PSG board at the same time. 
wiiki page-

Forum page- … ent=174566 … is/?page=3

demo- … ent=174454

FM/PSG boards and STM32F4 Discovery carrier board at The MidiBox Shop-

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This is amazing!

it looks and sounds great!

finally, something to be excited about.

Ace work! Thanks for sharing! :]

Really excited by this project smile Also Above I had thought he was streaming from a PC, but his notes on the video said it's SD card based. Very impressive, and this is just the proof of concept for the board, can't wait to see his other features implemented.

bump for project update. Info in the edit to the first post smile


Keep it up, yog.

Great project! smile