Hello there!

I've been working on chiptunes as a hobby for the last year or so. I've never really shared them outside of a few friends, so I want to hear what you think. These tunes are all written in Famitracker and (lightly) mixed in Ableton Live 9.

Something Else

Constructive criticism, comments, and questions are welcome. I'd love to hear critiques about mixing and song structure, but anything is good.

Thanks and enjoy!

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Whateverville, California

Very nice. Classic, relaxingly familiar song structures. Seems like you've got talent in composition, but you could use work on sound design. Some more complex instruments and a greater emphasis on volume control could go a long way to making your songs more expressive. Seems like you're recently picking up again after a hiatus judging by the post dates on soundcloud. Good on ya. Make a lot more music and you will undoubtedly improve!


Thanks for the words of advice! I completely agree with your suggestions about dialing in the volume and especially about jazzing up the instruments.  I'll put extra focus on those things in future tracks. I promise more is on the way!

By the way, I really dig your music. It's very uplifting.