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Hey everyone, I've been a lurker during the last couple of years, but during that time I've kept myself busy with various projects. There's some big R&D projects that I'm working on (mainly NES related), and I'm also still offering custom GameBoys on my new site,

I will be posting my current and upcoming projects in this thread, as well as updates for my store.

2/23/17 -

I farted out this thing. It's a hella legit gameboy synth or some shit.
All dem holes are for individual channel volume, clock sync jacks, master volume, midi controls, lskeyj inspired button layout, and a bunch of other excessive crap. It's a long work in progress, but it's gonna be the bees knees.

I finally finished a few DMGs that I've been working on, and 2 of them have just launched my shop with both of them for sale. (Both Sold)

First up -
MidiBoy V2
-Full MIDI support (In & Out/Thru) via Internal ArduinoBoy w/ standard MIDI DIN sockets, and discreete LEDs behind screen lens and beneath speaker
-Variable Clock with fixed High/Low limiter resistors (Not a kit, just straight up LTC1799 circuit)
-RCA & 1/8" Stereo ProSound Outputs
-White HHL Backlight & Screen Lens
-White NES buttons
-B&W Kitsch-Bent Shell Combo
-New Capacitors

Pokemon Yellow Ver. DMG
-Custom Pokemon Yellow Ver. Decals
-Custom Hard Shell Vacuum Fit Case with Matching Decals
-Yellow HHL Backlight
-NES Buttons
-Red Screen Lens
-Fresh Caps
-New Yellow PIL Repro Shell

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Nice work!  Looks great!