Toronto, Canada
Hyperstudios wrote:

Hey! I'm the Leader of a small group called "Hyperstudios", we work at some retro looked games, and we need an new sound artist for music. We work for free, and us games are al so free! We just work because we like it! And so we hope someone else like it to!

Number of songs required : at least 1
Rough length of songs : 1-2 minutes (looping preferred)
Style or Genre required : Gaming Music

If you're interested please contact us at: [email protected]
Nice to meet you!

PS: If that is important: We are all from Germany, but everyone of us can also speak English.

Email me c: [email protected]

Toronto, Canada
Chaos Stormclaw wrote:

Hey! I'm an Indie Game Maker and I'm looking for people to help make an original soundrack. If you are interested I'd like to hear a little of what you've already made and work with You while you make the soundtrack and while I make the game. Hopefully I can get a small group of musicians to help.
Number of songs required : don't know yet
Rough length of songs : At most 3ish minutes(loopable?)
Deadline : Take your time!
Style or Genre required : 8 bit and chiptune (think UNDERTALE soundtrack type)
Contact information : [email protected]
Twitter: ChaosStormclaw
My game is a 2 D RPG based around time travel. Anyone interested please let me know. You can sell the soundtrack and I won't take any pay from that or you can get a percent of the pay from the game, depending on how many songs the team makes. I suggest selling the soundtrack in case I give the game for free or if it doesn't get much pay. Nice to meet you all!

Shoot me an email ([email protected]) I'm down c:

Toronto, Canada
THX1138666 wrote:

Looking for someone who might be interested in doing some music for my game projects. I only have one game online at the moment but I am working on a sequel to it right now and would like to upgrade the music to something more appropriate and in the process maybe find a more permanent partner for developing games.

Number of songs required : Varied
Rough length of songs : 1-2 minutes (looping preferred)
Deadline : Ongoing
Style or Genre required : 8-bit and 16-bit chiptune
Compensation : To be determined
Contact information : Anthonyyeager7[email protected]
Game / company website :

Hit me up at [email protected]

I'm down big_smile


I love how every single post here has more or less dodged the compensation section

The One Electronic wrote:

I love how every single post here has more or less dodged the compensation section

seriously. not sure why people think that artists and musicians should work for free


Maybe it'd be good if developers included a "Release Plan" item as well that specifically states what they plan to do with the game once it's finished, like if it's just a free download from a personal site or a mobile app with in-game transactions or a commercial release on Steam or whatever. A lot of these look like hobby/free digital download projects so I can see how some people might be hesitant or unsure about what they can offer as compensation.

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