I'm all for a HTML5 player, bring it on!
Native + MP3 for streaming seems like a win/win. JavaScript decoders are feasible too, since you can always just generate data and put them inside the well-supported <audio> tag.

I'd be happy if the youtube embed links were at least clickable without flash. Currently the only way to view embedded youtube or vimeo videos seems to be to inspect the source, get the video id, and copy it into a youtube or vimeo link. A lot of hassle.
I cannot run flash because it is hardly supported on my OS (Linux), flash's terrible security track record, and because every time I've used that plugin it degrades browser performance (one reason being common abuse of tons of flash applets by advertisers).

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OGG will never happen until the browser standards wars are over and more browsers support it unfortunately.
MP3 is still a thing because it's supported by most browsers. Safari does not support OGG (iOS) Which there are more users than those that use Firefox.

+1 for HTML5 player. I actually have it running over at http://weeklybeats.com

I must say I find it quite unnerving to use Flash in this day and age and was very surprised to see that the player on here isn't HTML5. There are plenty of good suggestions in this thread, why haven't this been implemented? I'm sure there's a reason?

Also, sorry for posting in such an old thread but I figured since the topic has been discussed, I shouldn't make a new thread, right? smile

I think now that the mp3 patent has expired, there is no problem for using it in any browsers. Vorbis (Ogg) is technically better, but well, only one format is easier to maintain, and at 192 kbps the mp3 rendering is pretty decent.

@starfighter: html5 support is in this todo list, so it's all good, it will be supported at some point and it will be awesome! : https://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/1001 … ic-mobile/

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Oh, thank you for the link, sorry for not noticing it before. Awesome to hear!