Could somebody help me out with compiling LGPT for PSP?
I'd like to experiment with the code and play around but I'm fairly n00b.
I got a hello world eboot to work using this tutorial: … ygwin.html

I'm not sure where to go from here though.
Could somebody guide me through this process? or at least help point me in the direction I need to go.
I'm on a laptop running windows 10.

Ok, the right direction for this kind of project is to use a linux box. It will be really simplier.
install virtualbox ln your laptop, grab a debian iso.
launch virtualbox and put the debian iso there, you will have a virtual debian on your windows.
install mobaxterm on your windows and you will have a linux box on your laptop.

Then try to compile a psp helloworld.
At that moment, I may be able to help you.

You will be able to install a psptoolchain on the debian, use vi, make, and other stuff.

Will Raspbian work? I have a Pi.

Raspbian should work.
In this case use a raspberry 2 the raspberry 1 is really slow.

I'm running into trouble setting up the tool chain. It says the connection times out every time I try to download it...

you should :
$ git clone

then build it.
On  raspberry 1 it will take days to do it...

Ok, I'm running Ubuntu in a virtual box.
I've found about three tutorials that all describe the same thing... (install a bunch of things, set stuff up...)
but when I try to do:
sudo ./
I get an error saying:
Couldn't find dependencies:
- automake-1.9
../depends/ Failed
ERROR: Could not run the toolchain script.

... I installed automake, tried removing it and reinstalling it, and tried requesting specifically automake-1.9... I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Do the usual stuff :
untar automake-1.9.tar.whatever
cd automake-1.9
./configure --prefix=/opt/automake-1.9
make install
export PATH=$PATH:/opt/automake-1.9/bin

put this new "path modifier" in your  ~/.bashrc

should work.