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There is also DJ tool by GWEM...

The name of this tool is STj ! I used it live a couple of time because it can run without any screen smile

Two of my three PC screens have a composite input (yeah... weird, I know) so I bought myself this cable. Any idea if I just wasted 12$ because my screens won't sync, or am I good to go? I honestly don't care much for pixel perfect quality.. I just want to be able to use musicmon. … mp;viphx=1

That should do the trick, just a matter of picking off the composite video sig on the 13p DIN. Of course the ST must have a video modulator to generate the composite sig in the first place smile I've built such a cable and the few bucks I saved didn't equal the time of working with the cramped 13p DIN. So yea $12 is worth it.
  Good deal with your Monitors! You should be good to go. Fingers crossed that the ST is working.

Ah... well then, I'm fucked because it's an STF. No modulator here. So Pin 2 outputs only composite sync signals, not the complete composite video signal. Hmmm I will have to fuck around on the web and see if I can make some kind of little box that can turn the composite sync + rgb signals into a full composite video signal. Must be possible. I hope.


Damn sorry, been a few days since I read the other page of this thread. So like I posted before, the GBS scan converter is said to do a decent job of RGB to VGA for about $30 on Ebay, although some purists find fault with minor screen issues. Here is a thread that may help- … ;hilit=GBS
If you skip to one of the last pages there is a minor circuit that improves the ST's sync into the GBS.
  There is a thread over @ AtariAge that has some info for building a multi sync switchable cable or Best sell a similar one (but kind of spendy).
P.S. If you do build your own cable, the one you ordered may be good for the 13p DIN plug; If you shop for a new DIN look for the type with solder cups, think JamesCo (or Digikey ?) stocked them at one time.

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You can buy cable here:

Lotharek is developing something loke GBS...

Or here>>>

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Not too sure of the lotharek board, looks like a RGB breakout. The GBS device is an upconverter; brings the low ST scan frequency up into the range used by a VGA monitor. But I could be wrong.

Sorry dub post

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