akira^8GB wrote:
JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

Don't you think VSTi can be so overpriced these days?

Your mom is overpriced these days.

I didnt find this to be true!

e.s.c is some weaksauce assclown yo!

tbh, i wasn't banning him myself in hopes of you posting that picture again Brady.. makes me smile every time

Buying VSTi's? Arr....

JaffaCakeMexica wrote:

e.s.c is some weaksauce assclown yo!

tsss...E.S.C. did way more stuff for the chipscene than most of us.
You always writing stuff like you are superior to everybody and everything in chiptune sucks but all you do is trolling and shitposting...lol
Oh and chipsounds is totally awesome and the price is just right ! David put 3 years of is life on it before the release and he did a lot of free updates over the years !

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haha thanks..

he's banned now though, so he won't see any posts

Haha, what took so long? That's the guy who created the "Is chiptune gay?" thread, he was a super troll. The fact that he lasted so long is crazy. He made that thread about music theory too, which devolved into a bunch of bitching. Unfortunately, those are some of the most memorable threads I can think of!

I think this guy was too nostalgic about the post 2009 8BC era !

I do think he was trying to intimidate or pressure the author into reducing the price.

well, he was temp banned for a week after all that nonsense in the music theory thread... we'd hoped he'd learn his lesson and behave a little better, but that didn't pan out... i've seen toddlers throwing temper tantrums that were more reasonable than him...