The engineering solution is brilliant! I'm stealing it.


What gauge wire did you use? I have 28 gauge but it seems alittle to thick by the time its tinned and soldiered in place. I don't end up with nice gaps between the pins when it's in place. Would soild wire be best?


5 years later smile

having some dead pocket screen and dmg screen motherboard, i was searching for a way to transplant a mgb into a dmg mobo (just for fun) and some folks already did this ! big_smile

even if some people tried to explain how to do it, the best way after all was this sketch :

using the correct pinout and eagle to make a pcb, the goal here is to do the same PCB as this one : 
but i wanted to make it fit into the shell.

finally I just use the FPC connector from the gerber file and I redid all the traces using the scan of the handmade draft drawing smile

here is the result after 1 hour of eagle pcb drawing and 2 weeks of waiting from oshpark :


the only issue is about the connector, the ones i ordered are made to have contact on the bottom side and the connector needed to contact on the top (like the connector on the pocket console). to correct the issue, i just remove the black "gate?" and made it upside down. the contact is not perfect but it work this way.

the dot on the soldered connector is pin 1 (important). 5 wires to solder, i use kynar wire.


nice work!