This is my third 2xLSDj-Track and my first post in this forum. I just didn't want to post another "This is my first LSDj-Song!". tongue
Usually I play guitar/drums in rock bands and recently started tracking again (after using ProTracker in 2000 for an industrial project/FamiTracker sometimes for fun).

This Song was recorded connecting two non prosound-modded DMGs directly with a Zoom H6, resulting in 4 Tracks. I liked the sound through my mixer (Vestax PMC-280) when writing it, but it lacked some bass with the Zoom. I tried making up for it with audacity - now it sounds flat, doesn't it?

The structure is pretty simple, but building up over the time of the song. I will integrate more breaks, but perhaps it would be good to shorten some parts or make them more interesting.

I would love to hear your ideas on recording/sound and structure. Be honest and brutal!

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Well I really like the feel of the song and the general chord progression and melodies. The first suggestion I would offer is to try automating the volume in your bassline. I think the biggest reason it sounds "flat" to you is that there is no dynamic variation, so it doesn't have any kind of pumping feel going on in the bass like there is in the pulse channels. Throw some E commands in there and see if that doesn't help out a lot (you might also find other ways to experiment with the bass sound if you feel adventurous). I find the bass to be pretty loud on unmodded DMG so you may try adjusting the other channels to have lower volumes and boost the overall mix until the bass sits where you like it. Hope this helps.

Hey Urbster1!
Thank you for your reply...these kind of threads seem to have few friends in this forum.
The bass shouldn't have the "side chain" effect I used with the pulse channels. But you're right, there needs to be more variation/dynamics and I will work on it during the coming week. I think the bass-eq I added in Audacity didn't help either and this makes the track sound muffled in the end. I also will try to do some variation on the melody in the last part, since it just repeats there...

Thanks again for your input and ideas. I would still love to get some further tips from other members of the forum!
Feel free to contribute smile