Extremely embarrassed to ask as I am sure there's answer somewhere in wiki, just can't find it. Anyway:

I haven't much used Piggy, so quite noobie, I have a gig coming, and am trying to (possibly) replace one program by using Piggy instead. What I need is simple: Live mode running 4-5 channels, and I would need only one row looping, not going to back line 1 from line 3 for instance, just looping the one row samples (muting, soloing etc), or using samples from several rows, one per column, but not so that looping goes back to line 1. I have tried to change one shot to loop to loopsync mode, but doesn't work (PSP 3000).

Thanks in advance ! Hope I described my problem, well, well.


that sounds like piggy to me! just make sure to leave a blank row between rows that you want to loop

Just blank rows, that's all ? I need to test, thanks very much !!

Also: you can use the STOP command to stop an entire song in song mode, and JUST THAT CHAIN in live mode for creating one shot loops that dont need to be turned off manually

STOP command is wonderful

thanks guys, empty rows work perfectly, I have long loops, tempo is defined half + chained with empty slot, now I can play them exactly as I want to, columns are not looping, I can mix stuff on the fly !! smile