Here is a rough mix of the first track on my first record. I've been lurking on these forums for years and have learned a lot from a lot of you. Thank you for all your help. This record wouldn't of been possible without this community. Lemme know what you think. … -bitripper

Lacking a little bit on the low-end to me. Maybe it's just me(my headphones etc) tho or the rough mix. tongue
But otherwise it's a really cool track big_smile Really hype and makes me want to fight robots with my bare fists.

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I agree. It does come out much brighter in headphones. I usually do "car check" when we mix things. Thats mainly when I listen to music loud. Thought it sounded good in the car but yes more low end wouldn't hurt. Glad you like the track!

Absolutely killer. I've been waiting on you to release something for a while. The lowend could use bumping up but other then that it sounds great. The guitar fits nice in the mix.

Awesome. It's really encouraging to hear you were looking forward to new material. I can't wait to put it out. Been working on it for a few years. 9 tracks. Should be fun.


im listening on a system thats got a tube amp and 4 8"s, and that lowend, you could kick it up a little bit, but once you start kicking more bass in, the guitars going to be fighting for a spot in there a little. im half inclined to say if you're putting it on vinyl that depending on where you press it, this may be the best case scenario to press because they'll most likely do a bit of mastering, if the bass is too thick, it'll create a little problem for em in their mastering stages when they do a test, the last thing they want is the needle jumping outta the grooves on their end and then you get back a test press that isnt how you want it and back to hurry up and wait...

i have my bass knob all the way up now and i usually keep it around 80%, so you could eek a lil more in there. id try and put more of the 200-300hz range in there so that the guitars dont get cut into too much, know what i mean? you could even try a combination of that and a really low band like 50-60hz, but dont hit it nearly as much with that lower one. you can experiment too with the lower band because with a dynamic song like that, it might not be beneficial at 50 or 60, you might need to go 80 or 100 even. if you're not too far along in the mixing stage and are feeling the same as how we are, i'd say to put a little more guitar in there too. i know it can be a pain to mix guitars and chip because after a while you sort of get desensitized and start secondguessing it, but id certainly give this one or other ones a listen to give you an objective opinion, thats cool that you wanna do vinyl.

its a really nice track for sure, and with the bass maxed out on my unit like this, its rumbling the desk enough...but maybe you want a little more rumble in there. maybe working in those hz ranges you can get away with not having to remix it all down again and can hit it with a little eq and sort it out. id say that ultimately depends on whether or not you feel like you'd want more guitar in there..but if it were me, id for sure try and look into those two things. great stuff, thanks for sharin it with us.