I finally completed my XGM player that i started a long time ago (few time after i developed the XGM driver)...
I was really busy with SGDK and private stuff that i had to postpone my XGM player development but finally i find sometime to complete it smile
It's still not perfect, has some bugs (refresh, playback issues with fast tempo...) but still i am happy with it's current state so i think i can release it smile
XGM player is intended to play XGM music through the XGM driver. I developed a tool which allow to convert Megadrive VGM files into XGM format so you can basically see it as a Megadrive VGM player as well... The difference is that it allows to play 4 PCM at same time where Megadrive VGM is normally limited to 1 PCM channel only. But ok, that is useful only for SFX for game as there is no music tracker taking advantage of it tongue

What better than a Technosoft compilation to introduce the XGM player big_smile
Musics from the following games are included in the rom :
- Dragon's Fury
- Elemental Master
- Thunder Force 2/3/4

Because of rom size limitation i could not include all tracks for those games so i made a (personal) selection of 80 tracks.
You can find the download link at the bottom of the message.

Released a new VGM compilation for XGM player smile This time it's a tribute to Jesper Kyd and its awesome tracks (mainly from Batman and Robin).
Because of the length of the different tracks i could not put more than 26 so i had to discard a lot of them unfortunately, the selection was difficult :-/
This new compilation also introduce a new version of the XGM Player (version 2), here are the differences:
- bug fixes (still some remains with fast tempo, sometime music pause without any reason)
- added a way to disable the starfield background (START + A)
- added a way to hidden the playlist (except current playing track) for nice blind jukebox parties tongue (START + B)

You can find the download link at the bottom of the message.

I also completed my XGM Rom Builder tool so you can build your own compilation (finally).
Note that i developed the tool in java so you need Java to be installed on your system.
The tool is a bit rough but it does the job hopefully, you can find the download link at the bottom of the message.

Edit 2:
Added a new VGM compilation using the last version of my XGM player (V3).
This time this is a Streets Of Rage VGM compilation smile I picked music from all episode but a lot of them come from episode 2 which has imo the best tracks !

Technosoft VGM compilation rom :
Jesper Kyd VGM compilation rom :
Streets of Rage VGM compilation rom :
XGM Rom builder tool (updated to v1.2) :

Small animation showing the XGM player in action:

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It looks cool. I only use vgm (exported from deflemask) and converted with Dead Fish vgmPlay, but I'll gladly test your player as well when your tool for creating ROM will be available

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Solar System

Nice to know that there are more VGM players out there! Thank you! Cant wait to have your ROM tool!


I finally completed my rom builder tool so you can do your own ROM with your own VGM list smile
I also made a new VGM compilation introducing a new version of the XGM player.
I updated the first post to give which give all the information wink




Is there support for V1.60 VGMs? Just wondering because somehow my VGM that was logged through SMPSPlay 2.11 isn't getting picked up by your converter. If you need the specific VGM file, then tell me.


EDIT: Accidentally double posted.... BUT I found out my problem. I was using 4-bit DPCM compressed samples instead of PCM samples. This is a heads up for others trying to compose with mid2smps and log with SMPSPlay.

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Oh i didn't know VGM could use 4-bit DPCM compressed sample, that explains why it couldn't convert correctly. Is it officially supported by VGM ?
To reply your question, the XGM Rom builder support VGM starting from v1.5, in fact it supports older version but PCM won't be extracted...

I updated the first post by the way smile I put a new VGM compilation rom and i also updated the XGM rom builder (fixed bugs and updated to last XGM player version).

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