Hi there,

I've been fiddling with Game Boys and LSDJ for a long time now, but only recently did I complete a full track, entirely composed on a Game Boy (during my commuting time, no less tongue). 

Here's said track : https://soundcloud.com/arty0/bitbop

So, I'd love some criticism, advice on how to improve my sound (I'm already started with my next track) and such.

Also, I've recorded this one with a GBA SP and a laptop's integrated sound card in Audacity with a compressor to bring the signal to a listenable level.
I'll be re-recording it with a DMG through my external sound card (a focusrite smth i smth) and mix it/master it with proper plugins, but I'd love to have some advice on the setup and how to best treat the signal.

Thanks in advance!

Where to start - first off, as a first LSDJ, this sounds like you've been doing it for at the very least a couple months. I have no feedback as to where you can improve the setup other than to my ears it sounds perfect quality wise - very little background noise - but composition wise, that's where I can help. Near the end the song goes very wonky right? I love that. That makes my ear-loins hunger for more aural sex like this song.
The beginning sounds a little bit boring to the sound-feeling head-holes I have. I would recommend putting a little more oomph into the beginning. But other than that, you're good. Just try to think of a better hook in the beginning.

Have a beautiful day, kind stranger!

Hey, thank you Trashman! 
Yeah, the wonky part is when I started feeling confident enough to change a bunch of stuff and play with stereo and the 2 pulse channels. 
The beginning of the track was a lot of copy/paste and simple transposition... I wanted structure but ended up with something maybe a bit linear...
I'll try and keep that in mind for my next track.

Have a wonderful day, even kinder stranger! ^^

For the record, I rerecorded the song like I said and reworked the mix a bit. I updated the track on soundcloud.