Perhaps some of the more technically minded of you can help me out. I'm trying to resolve a power issue with my SNES. I've cleaned the corrosion off of the DC input jack, I've tested the power supply, I've replaced the 1.5A pico fuse, and the multimeter shows that power is at least getting through the fuse when the power switch is turned On. Yet, the front light still won't light and the system won't turn on. What more can I do?

Just keep testing along the path. There is likely a 7805 regulator that you could test next.

Which SNES is it?

It is one of the earliest models with the SVHC sound module

Have you tested the 7805 with your multi meter?

I'll test it when I get home from work.

Okay, so testing the 7805 shows about 20 going in and nothing coming out. Does that mean the resistor is bad or that something is happening before it reaches the resistor?

I suggest replacing the 7805

I will replace the 7805.