There is lot "copy" of legendary 303 :-)

Witch is best?
Can you write 303 avalible for DIY. project


There's a new player in town. You may want to check out re-303, with the tagline, it's not a clone, it's a replica.

There is two video here which show how the re-303 sound : … u-pas.html

Nah m8 it'd all about Lo-gains midiboxsid it's a sid2sid in a c64 box with knobs and lcd standalone interface ! If you want knob control go with this over the Sammich sid. I'll post a link

I'm all about the x0xb0x personally for its reverse-engineered design, use of NOS factory parts from the 303, and its open-source firmware giving it way more flexibility and options than some of the other hardware competitors while maintaining accurate sound.

i'm buddies with the guy from the one doing the re-303.  its a replica, idea is if you have a dead 303 that the circuit board is to damaged you can remove it and drop it in a re-303 board and blam! living 303.  its not an easy project right now, its more do at your own risk.  the BOM isn't finalized but it will be. however it still won't be a my first DIY thing.   he should be commercially releasing PCBs pretty soon. 

i have a xoxbox and love it.   works well enough for me.  maybe not the same sequencer exactly but that's fine.