South Carolina, USA

Soundcloud removed Groups as a feature from the site, so I took the liberty of creating a page to curate chiptune music in the place of the Group. You can check it out at

If you would like to have your music featured on the page, send your track to [email protected] with the following:

* Artist name
* Track name
* Album art (at least 1440px x 1440px)
* Free download or not

If you would like to help "moderate" the page, send an email to the previously mentioned address with the subject "Moderation"

The rules for submission are being carried over from the Soundcloud group and are as follows:

- We delete everything that is not chiptune ( aka other genres with no chip noises in it )
- We try to stay as purist as possible ( exceptions happen when we think it makes sense aka "sounds good" )
- We check that the track has an actual body ( that it has an actual progression -intro-bridge-chorus-outro )
- We check the recording was done properly ( volume being way too low or poor production
- We don't allow podcasts because we want traffic to be sent to the original authors.
- We also don't allow VGM remixes ( like a megaman 3 remix done in rock genre kinda thing etc. ) Not that we don't like them but that music isn't chiptune, they have their own groups for that.
- It then comes down to taste. If you think is good then approve it.