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maktone, Irving Force, nordloef

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During the SEC-T conference an evil AI got lose and took control of Anrika Nalen! It's now up to us to help bring it under control before the next conference day! Because of all the systems this AI controls there is no way to charge an admission fee!

To help us out we've recruited Irving Force and Nordloef!

Irving Force will help us understand the evil AI using metal-influenced cyberpunk synthwave and Nordloef will help us beat it using happy and melodic chipmusic wielding network air-gapped Gameboys!

For this to be successful we need your help! We've smuggled an HTC Vive into the conference where you can directly challenge the evil AI in a game of Holoball and the night's best high-score will of course be rewarded!

To practice your reflexes while awaiting your turn at Holoball we've also brought all 8 of our quake-stations back to life.

As usual there's the traditional hacking-themed multimedia-quiz to prepare you for the night's challenges.

Help us spread the word to your friends, because Facebook's limitations means we can no longer share the event to everybody. It's dangerous to go alone!

maktone !!!!!!!!!!!

(originally autocorrected as Martine)

bryface wrote:

maktone !!!!!!!!!!!

(originally autocorrected as Martine)

Yes! The (makt)one and only!

Time table for tonight:

They're streaming live, Maktone is up soon!