the plea of the stay-at-home-bf

ovenrake wrote:

If you're ever in Oakland/SF/Bay Area hit me up on fb, I got an air mattress + couch combo that's pertty comfy. I also cook too, and my gf has a real nice butt

I can vouch for this bein tru also

Philthadelphia would love to have you.

You guys are the shit. Im marking maps. Still deciding when to skip town tongue

2 year bump****      contact me at  for discussions/booking/ dicking around      destined to leave on MARCH of 2017..  no bs!!!!

Ah oh! Obviously I'm done to help in any way. Gonna email you tonight.

you know my doors always open for ya and the shitnest is prepared

is this still going down?? I've got plenty couch and breakfast to offer

nordloef wrote:
shitbird wrote:

ohhh Europe?! would love to have me there too. Sounds far fetched, but I WOULD do it smile!!!!

Sky's the limit!

Would totally do something in Ireland.
Crash space and breakfast obviously included.
(also weird dogs and squatters, be warned.)

BIG SUR, CA. go for it!

Hell yeah buddy come to Austin, TX and I'll go see you!

Shitbird is dead, this is the new era of the man we all love -

frank angotti is dead wrote:

Shitbird is dead, this is the new era of the man we all love -

   yoooooooooO heart    Im busy taking care of my crazy old dad atm. HOWEVER! The living situation is making saving money for the trip much easier. One day sooner then later this will happen, however things keep coming up that I can't leave be....In the meantime I'll have a release out very very soon. All the tracks are recorded just need to get sloppy and yell over em. Which is going down tonight big_smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Highly appreciate the bumps guys. shitbird out.