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This is out now

Looks cool, but what is it for?

He made it for cynthcart64 that he sells. It's a midi interface so u can hook a midi keyboard or sequencer to it and trigger the SID. I have cynthcart v1.2 from … &p=322  and whatever version is on the kerberos cart. Cynthcart is ok for playing with a keyboard, with presets and a SID editor. But with midi cc in a sequencer it's way more fun. Like glitchy fun with the thing squealing.  E-mail him though, idk that much about it.

I the Cynthcart still available anywhere for purchase?

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this guy is selling them now … 7675.l2559

I love my Cynthcart 2.0 and more so with the SID Symphony II - SID CART II for a second SID. 

I just ordered the Datel MIDI Interface Cartridge both are designed to work with Cynthcart 2.0.   

SO FYI they now have 2 more left. 

Using an X-pander 3+  for the 2 carts now so hope to  balance the 3rd out.  .     

The SID Symphony II - SID CART II  also works with MSSIAH cart have that setup with a mini-Xpander on another C64.

Sweet! Man, can you tell me how the sid cart II works with addressing? Can you switch addresses inside the cart somehow or does it look in all addresses at once..? I'd like to see some tech info about how the cart does the addressing if anyone can help me.

It sees one address at a time  and comes configured at  $DE00 the default for cynthcart and MSSIAH.  It can be changed via dip switches/jumpers on the cart.  They  do sell it with out the cart case which lets you change addressing easier.

The SID Symphony II - SID CART II  cartridge - Trying out a SwinSid Nano 2 in it -  to tall to close the cartridge  so if it work,   my second SID CART II will be the open model with out the shell.   Ran out of time to test.  More tomorrow sometime.

SwinSID works in the SID Cart II -  not as loud as a real SID but sounded pretty good and MSSIAH and no problem seeing it or using it.

Cool. You ever use SID wizard? Cool tracker. There's a three sid version available. It lets you select where the two extra sids are addressed In the software. Your two sid carts in the expander, One set to $DE00 the other set to $DF00. And use a SD2IEC to load sid wizard 3 SID version and manage file transfers. Would let you use three seperate filters at once, fatten up polyphony, more drums...

Yes I do have Sid wizard sounds nice so I will consider it. :-)   I do have an SD2EIC but want to get another one with it's own power supply as takes a load off the C64.  Cost a bit more but also has LCD display, the newer firmware, 3 button control, case  and drive select switches.