Kiel, Germany

Hello everyone,

I've been more active in 8bit music again lately and so would like announce the release of my never formally released debut album as well as the two preceding EPs on Bandcamp.

Some of you may remember me from 8bc days or from barely attended gigs here and there smile

This album was composed largely around 2010, whilst playing shows in Germany and hanging out on 8bc a lot. It was never released for both lack of interest and fading aspirations in the face of playing to too many ghost crowds and indifferent faces.

STereochan - Pulsebreak Heartwave

This album consists of what I sometimes still consider my 'best' songs in terms of melody and emotional impact, obviously in a very self-centered way. I hope at least a few of you feel what these tracks make me feel whenever I hear them.

Accompanying the release are two "re-issues" of the preceding EPs.

Revenge of the Gameboy Raver Order was largely made with live performances in mind, an attempt to not immediately alienate listeners at concerts; mostly composed of nice, happy melodies and straight-forward beats.

TDS Rebellion occupies the other end of the spectrum. It is very much a raw, rythmic noise/breakcore EP, mostly written to vent anger at lack of success, lack of appreciation (HURR ITS MARIO MUSIC) and other emotions likely based on adolescent, entitled thinking.

If you find something to your liking, but can not afford to spend any money, write me a message for a free download.

Thanks for reading & enjoy.