So I just discovered the wonderful Axoloti the other day and I was curious if anyone here was using it to create any chiptune style synths?

Pictured above is the Axocontrol,  and the Axoloti Core.

The Axoloti Core board is sort of like an Arduino,  but for creating synthesizers. You use the Axoloti Patcher software to create your patch in a virtual modular synth type environment,  then upload it to the board.  You can then disconnect the board from your computer and it will run your patch.  You can add knobs,  sliders,  buttons,  switches,  sensors,  leds,  joysticks,  etc. DIY style to create your own hardware to control it.  I bought a kit to build the Axocontrol unit to control it (shown above)  but you could also use Midi too.

I just thought it was pretty cool and I know some people in this crowd are into this sort of thing so I thought I'd share.

(Not sure if this topic belongs under hardware or software because it's a combination of both.)

that's very interesting! Thanks for the information, now I'm tempted to get one smile

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Looks like a lot of fun!

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Got one but not alas had the time to delve into it. Not really planning anything chip-centric,  more like building my own harsh noise multi fx with weird control possibilities

I'm considering getting one, since I have a Patchblocks unit as well, which is a bit limited in comparison, but is pretty great regardless. Looks like the Axoloti could get to almost Nord Micro Modular territory.