Hey everybody, I want to let you know that we have nanoloop mono cartridges in stock at Nonfinite Electronics.


I'm including 3 tracks I have written in mono, pre-loaded onto the cart. Think of it as an unofficial Nonfinite EP pre-release of sorts.

I have enabled weight-based shipping and set mono carts, along with 4 LED backlight and LSDJ sticker sets down to a very small weight, which should allow international customers to order ultra-lightweight shipping at a discounted cost. The limit for this shipping method will be about 2 items per, after that weight restrictions will be exceeded and ordinary shipping rates will apply.

I have also removed the $50 and over free domestic shipping and replaced it with free worldwide shipping at $150 or over, so we have some new international shipping solutions to balance out the domestic shipping rates we have which are already pretty great and inexpensive.



did u pre-load those tracks on the one u sent me?

I didn't, as they weren't written yet. I can send you the files and you can flash them once you have your MIDI adapter.

I've been posting clips of my work to Instagram over the last few days, check it out Frank. https://www.instagram.com/nonfinite/

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