2x YM2149 from Atari ST on Atari 800XL/65XE/800XE/130XE/XEGS



nice board!

Polish developers are doing progress! Here is real OPL3 + YM2149 in FPGA!!! COMBO.

Now we need Adlibtracker2 and maxYMizer tracker player for 8Bit XE! Haha

Looks really cool! I hope they use a through-hole 3.5 mm TRS socket in the final design, though! I think the surface mount ones are prone to breaking...

It will be in cartridge shell. So probably jack will be OK. But it looks very fragile thats true!

Was looking over the Sonari page recently and noticed that Mono, http://mono.atari.pl/ , has a .PSG player for the A8 with either Evie or Sonari. Not real sure but PSG files are Speccey YM files I think, maybe someone can explain better.  Does anyone know if Vortex Tracker supports these?  Or is there a converter for like PT1-3 to PSG?

As I have some YMZ284s, think I'll prototype a board soon. The only catch is the YMZ mixes all 3 channels in the chip to a single output, so can't split channels A, B and C to separate Right/Left panning. But with two chips could have stereo.

Probably build it as an internal on $D2 page as I have a 2nd '138 decoding $D2 for Covox.

Hello Yogi! I will ask Mono...

Thanks, know very little about the Speccy.