What is the going rate for gameboys these days?  It seems like just like last year I could get a GBA SP bundle for around $25, but now all the prices are in the $50-$70 range. What kind of prices should I be expecting to pay for handhelds in good condition

Gameboy Pocket?
Gameboy Color?
Gameboy Micro?

I have found an AGS101 SP locally that is complete in box and in good shape with a couple extras for $65. (the light blue one)  Should I be jumping on this deal or is this average price?


$40 USD for a DMG, $80 for a Play it Loud. This is double the average price I saw in 08 when I started buying them.
Any GBA that isn't a Micro should theoretically be way cheaper.

Glasgow, Scotland.

The cost has definitely gone up a fair amount in the past five years. Probably double or more, like PlainFlavored mention.

In the UK I tend to trawl eBay for 'broken' GameBoys and fix them up, but they are still going for over 20GBP a pop. Working ones are going for over 40GBP, which seems a bit crazy.

Edit: DMGs that is.

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Here where I live DMG goes between $20-$50, but I don't seem to find many of the Play it Louds. GB pocket and Color  also between $30-$50.  The GBA is the one that I've seen the biggest price jump. I've been an avid garage sale-er/thrift store shopper for last 10-12yrs. Over the years out of all systems the GBA was the most available and could be found for dirt cheap. Next up would be pink DS lites hahaha.

I ended up just snagging a dark gray AGS101 for $40 with a few games and a case. Now I need to find a copy of Nanoloop Two  !!