heres the quality tweets

if you like goofy goofs

I think I already posted here but I can't remember

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Making a movie with some friennnnds

i don't have a personal twitter but i pay a bot to post under this account

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Wow this gets bumped pretty reliably

I'm @mrwimmer. I mostly tweet to complain about when trackers or stuff at work bothers me.

@ctrix64 .....  same on Instagram







I'm @SailodeGrenn. It's my personal Twitter so there's all kinds of stuff in it. I also have accounts for my YouTube channels; Liquid Horizon Gaming and Liquid Horizons. @SCC_LHGaming and @LiquidHorizons, respectively. I also have one for my photography stuff but I rarely update it: @SCC_Photography. For those wondering, SCC stands for SailodeGrenn Content Creations. It's not a network or company; it's just a group name to connect all the stuff I do. You COULD treat it like a network or company, but it's really not.

All views expressed on my personal account are my own personal views and do not reflect those of SCC or Liquid Horizons. #Disclaimed