This is actually not a new project but I realized that I never posted about it here. All the more it's a good time to write about it, since I'm almost done with writing down the documentation for the project, which I'll soon release as a free PDF and which will contain some info on how I made it.
In the meantime, if you're interested, you can check this video, I made some time ago:

And this impro track: … sk-1-impro

The cat at the end of the video looks like rasputin a bit. In the eyes. Cool bends. The wobblyish stuff with the lfo on the filter was my favorite. The filter sounded lovely. Adding a filter to things without one is one of the nicest things a human can do for a machine.

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I'm reviving this thread because...
on Youtube everybody keeps asking me to share schematics and stuff. So I’ve put everything together into a nice PDF so people can try and build the same (or hopefully better) thing. I’m fixing the last “bugs” in the text and will soon release the final version together with some CAD files for the panel, in case somebody needs a starting point for that.

Download PDF here:
edit: scroll down for final version!

If you have errors to report or there’s things you don’t understand, please let me know!

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This is a work of art!

Thanks a lot! smile

gorgeous as always!

Thanks Peter! Final version should be ready soon btw.!

Final version is online! Also I've added the CAD files for the front panel and some info on the case design in general.

Please refer to this page for future updates.